Do you want to build a Lotus 7 clone, replica for road or race  then skip to the sentence in bold below ?

Build your own cars  - a cheap motoring locost based on Lotus 7 motor vehicles designed by Colin Chapman similar to Caterham Westfield race cars or Caterham Westfield road cars using low cost sheet and cheap steel tubes to form spaceframes chassis. This self builds motor vehicles Lotus 7 clone based on low cost materials provides a race or road two-seaters open sports cars for a fraction of the cost of a Lotus 7 replica kitcars such as a Caterham or Westfield . Colin Chapman being the originator of the Lotus spaceframes unlike kit-cars from Caterham Westfield cars the locosts designed by Ron Champion can be self built from cheap motoring materials. The spaceframes steel tube chassis used by the lotus sevens and Lotus replicas motor vehicles is used as a base for cheap self build car building motoring skills. Build your own racing car replica cars or two-seater build your own road car this self builds lowcost option provides cheap motoring open sports cars fun an addictive hobby. Caterham sports cars or Westfield kit-cars were not locosts Lotus 7 options for Ron Champion in 1995 when he wanted to build your own road car so he self built the lowcosts later named the locosts for his son based on cheap motoring parts using his motor skills from the chassis up an excellent use for female hobby or hobbies for men. This progressed to self builds your own low costs racing cars attracting interest from Caterham and Westfield kit-cars two-seater sports cars and other kitcars Lotus replicas fans. A lowcosts one-make motor racing series for racing cars followed in 2000 giving locosts and lotus sevens replica cars motor racing opportunities for youngsters and hobbies for men thanks to Colin Chapman and Ron Champion. If it's cheap motoring or just some hobbies for men then build your own cars or build your own racing car then locosts or low costs kitcars replica cars Lotus 7 building is for you. Hours of fun can be had then build your own road cars or build your own racing car especially considering the tremendous enjoyment low costs two-seater replica car build your own road car gives to the kitcar and Lotus replicas builder. The future looks excellent for self built lotus sevens kit-cars replicas or lowcosts racing cars based on this lowcosts model potential to enjoy the hobby even more. Now the serious bit , - Apologies if you have just read the above it's simply there for me to test the search engines I hope it wasn't too non-sensical. Please enjoy the rest of the site where I promise not to mention kit-cars or kitcars , Caterham Westfield again - especially the word cheap ! - where else can you enjoy a hobby for $5  (3) per hour building something you can be truly proud of ?.

Start from this  (click on image to explode) :-                          

caringarage.jpg (16350 bytes)    Ford Escort MkII 1980 model used as donor                               

 End with this : -

no2frontview.jpg (19493 bytes)  Formula Locost -  raced 1999


you just need  1000  ....  $1600   ....  A$2300

and 600 Hours enjoyable effort with lot's of friends and plenty of patience.  


Interested ?  - explore further - see how the money and effort is spent. Apologies for the paragraph above - hope you can may some sense of it ! - I'm using it to test the search engines.


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